Chew Lee Fong

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms Chew Lee Fong is a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Advance Synergy Berhad. She was appointed to the Board on 31 October 2023.

Lee Fong holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA.

She joined Advance Synergy Berhad in 1991 as the Personal Assistant to the former Group Chair, Dato’ Ahmad Sebi Bakar, and was promoted to Executive Assistant in 2000.

She also sits on the board of several subsidiaries of Advance Synergy Berhad. Lee Fong is a member of the Nomination Committee of Advance Synergy Berhad.

She does not have any family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of Advance Synergy Berhad, nor has she any conflict of interest with Advance Synergy Berhad. She has no convictions for any offences within the past 5 years and no public sanction or penalty imposed by the relevant regulatory bodies during the financial year