Cheah Foo Choong

Chief Executive Officer of Paydee Sdn Bhd
Executive Director of Qurex Sdn Bhd

Mr Cheah Foo Choong (Darren) was appointed as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Qurex Sdn Bhd (“Qurex”) in August 2019. He joined Qurex in August 2018 as General Manager of Business Development. He was also serving as Head of Merchant Business for Paydee Sdn Bhd (“Paydee”) since August 2018, and was appointed as Director of Paydee in December 2019 and subsequently he was redesignated as Executive Director on 28 October 2020 and Chief Executive Officer on 23 December 2020.

Darren started his career in 1996 in the advertising and promotions department of The Store and progressed to the position of Assistant Manager of their loyalty rewards programme. In 2004, he joined Unrealmind Interactive Berhad, a pioneer in the premium SMS business in Malaysia as Manager in the Advertising & Promotions department where he led and managed the advertising and promotion activities of the company’s core products. In 2006, Darren was with R&D Media Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Dutch premium SMS business as their Regional Manager- Marketing and Content. He then progressed to the position of General Manager in 2008, reporting to the Group CEO based in Amsterdam before joining the Captii Limited Group in June 2010 as General Manager for Mobilization Sdn Bhd (now known as Postpay Sdn Bhd) and was responsible for the overall business operations.

On 1 June 2017, Darren was appointed as the General Manager of Service Management under Unified Communications Sdn Bhd (“UC”) and was promoted to the position of Deputy Head of Business Development, and subsequently redesignated as Head of Business Development of UC and also the Country Head as well as Chief Executive Officer for UC Pakistan.

Darren holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Nottingham Trent University.

Darren does not hold any directorship in public companies.

He does not have any family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of Advance Synergy Berhad, nor has he any conflict of interest with Advance Synergy Berhad. Darren has no convictions for any offences within the past 5 years other than traffic offence (if any) and no public sanction or penalty imposed on her by the relevant regulatory bodies during the financial year.