Aviva Master Coach Technology

Powering towards the future in transportation, Aviva Master Coach Technology Sdn Bhd (“AVIVA”), formerly known as Quality Bus & Coach (M) Sdn Bhd, focuses on bus fabrication and production of city buses, coaches and mini buses customised for schools, public transportation and  mining industries.

Incorporated in Malaysia in 2003 and licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Trade and Industry, AVIVA manufactures, fabricate & assemble bus bodies and chassis frames in Malaysia for the local and international market. AVIVA’s “SD” range of buses complete with chassis are all Malaysian made.

The Company has gained recognition in modern Bus design and build for the Domestic and International Bus Industry and remains commitment to continued research and development of modern designs and engineering concepts.

The continuing research and development commitment has resulted in the introduction of reliable and robust vehicles that deliver sustainable long-term performance, improved driver and passenger comfort & safety features at lower maintenance cost.

Evident in this excellence is AVIVA’s range of 7 to 13.8 meters of city buses, coaches and mini buses customised for schools, public transportation and mines usage which are all built in compliance to the relevant governmental statutory and International Safety Standards.With the emphasis on maintaining a robust Quality Management System, AVIVA was awarded the ISO9001:2015 Certification in 2018 and has continually maintained the status ever since.

In addition to manufacturing of buses, we offer a full range of services on bus assembly, body repairs and bus body refurbishments.The Company is managed by a team of dedicated, qualified, experienced and competent staff to meet customers’ ever demanding expectations for quality products and excellent service.